. inventions a basement of our creative ideas.
. invention combines communication in traditional media with new
approach based on content delivery to the consumers.
. invention brings together experts across disciplines with a view of
full marketing solutions for the client.


. the exchange –former buying department with the extensive area
of activities.
. covers the whole trading –media buying–both online and offline,
investment distribution management, campaigns management,
. the exchange translates communication into actionable plans,
number one buying house on the market. manages production and
special projects in any communication channels.

client leadership

. people who will always listen to you –main contact for the client.
. people, who will help to solve any problem on daily basis or
prepare complete strategy based on the clients business plans and
targets, and together with the other teams they help to realize it.
. the right contacts for answering any question or coordination
with the other agencies, participating on the communication